Deviance: Coming Soon!

Several months ago I tossed out about 30,000 words I’d written and started over on the seventh book of the Sylvia Wilcox mystery series. While this was not ideal, as I finish up the book, I am so glad I took that plunge. The result is a much better book. The story wanted to take me somewhere I didn’t know it wanted to go.

Deviance take us to New Orleans where Sylvia finds herself in the middle of a shocking situation. The book takes place after the devastating news Sylvia received in Awakening. Now she’s redefining her life and struggling to figure out where she belongs. In the middle of her personal crisis, Sylvia must set her own troubles aside and solve a baffling murder. As Sylvia digs into the underbelly of the city, a mysterious man who knows things he shouldn’t stands in the way of the case. As the clock ticks and Madalyn’s life hangs in the balance, Sylvia must rub shoulders with sinister figures, putting her own life in danger.

The prologue of Deviance will be sent to the Readers’ Club this Saturday. If you are not part of the Readers’ Club, what are you waiting for?! It’s completely free and you will receive prequel stories, coupons for my Shopify store(coming soon), and you’ll get all the news about my books first. Click the link below to sign up!

Readers’ Club

I also have included a true crime story from Ypsilanti in the Readers’ Club newsletter. The investigation is very… interesting and the crime took place a few steps from where I lived for three years. Granted, the crime happened in 1931, that stretch of road is notorious because several other major crimes took place in the same vicinity.

Deviance has taken longer than I originally planned, but the extended deadline was necessary. The book will release on my Shopify store at a discount before it is available everywhere else. I plan to release it around the end of the September, which is fitting because it definitely has some spooky elements, and it will be just in time for Halloween. Stay tuned to the Readers’ Club newsletter for more samples from the story!