Fall Colors and “Research” For The Next Book

Hello Readers,

Autumn is upon us! This is my favorite season and since Utah has such an abbreviated version of it, we headed to thee mountains yesterday to check out the beautiful trees. This year has been incredibly dry, so there’s more red than usual. We drove up to Snowbasin Ski Resort to get a good look. We were not disappointed.

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The next book in the series is actually a holiday novella, A Sylvia Wilcox Christmas that brings Sylvia back to the Ogden River Valley for vacation. I’m having so much fun writing this book! It’s going to be a short, action packed, fun read. I wanted to head to the area where part of the story takes place. This was also a great way to see the autumn colors.

Ogden Canyon The picture was taken near Snowbasin Ski Resort in Ogden Canyon. It’s so beautiful at this time of the year!

Pineview Reservoir has especially vibrant colors this year. As I mentioned earlier, it’s be very dry this summer. There was some haze in the air from the fires in Oregon and California, but it was clearer the closer we got to the valley floor.

So, I had to close my eyes to imagine that there was snow everywhere, but it wasn’t too hard to do. I guess you could call this a bit of research for the book. It really helped me envision some of the scenes from the book, and get a nuanced view of the places I describe in the book. Snow is still a ways off, but you could feel an undercurrent of cool air, masked by the warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine.

A Sylvia Wilcox Christmas will answer the number one question readers email me about. Don’t know what that is? All the better! The book will be even more of a mystery for you!

Okay, okay. I have to give you something, right? Here’s the description and cover. Let your imagination run wild with speculation!

Sylvia Wilcox closes her private detective agency for the holidays and heads to Utah for a long, relaxing vacation in the Ogden River Valley’s snow-covered mountains. After enjoying a few days on the slopes her assistant, Martin, calls and tells her about a mysterious note delivered to the office that accuses Sylvia of fraud. Disturbed and curious about this note, Sylvia finds it hard to concentrate on vacation and ends up chasing down leads that take her on a painful trip down memory lane. Will Sylvia’s determination to always seek the truth backfire? Or will she end up having a surprisingly pleasant holiday season?

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