Mistakes Were Made

Have you ever looked back on something you’ve done-perhaps you took a risk, and thought, “I could have done that better?” Releasing my latest novel, Displacement, is one of those things. I wish, I wish, I wish… BUT, instead of dwelling in the past, I’ve decided to learn from my mistakes and make sure that the release of Remnant is much better.

A kind reader has pointed out some issues with the digital copy of Displacement she received. I can’t thank her enough for relaying this information! I probably shouldn’t have tried to publish the book during one of the busiest times of the year, but I was very excited about the story and wanted to get it out. With that in mind, I want to replace copies of the book readers already have on their Kindles. Also, I am adding an epilogue to the end of the novel that gives more information on what happened to Derek. If you would like to receive a new copy, (which includes bonus content!), click on the link below and add your email. It will be a one-time email with a copy of the book, NOT a sign up for my newsletter. You won’t receive any other emails from me (unless you sign up for the newsletter).  You can expect a fresh new copy of Displacement, along with the epilogue in your inbox before Christmas. Simply click the link below.

Send me my new copy of Displacement!

Advanced Reader Team

Would you like to receive Remnant, the next installment in the Sylvia Wilcox series, before it is released? Join the Advanced Reader Team and you will receive a free copy of my next novel in exchange for an honest review. Nothing is more important to a writer than a fair and honest review! Since you have already taken the plunge into Sylvia Wilcox’s world, I figure, why not let you have a sneak peek before everyone else??

Advanced Reader Team Sign-Up

Next Release: Remnant

Remnant will be Sylvia Wilcox’s first missing person case. Over the years, she’s avoided missing person cases because of the abduction of her brother, Simon. But this case is different because the missing woman doesn’t seem to truly be missing.

I am currently working on Remnant and while I plan to finish it before the end of the year, it won’t be released until 2020. I will share the prologue some time in the next few weeks. With that said, if you signed up to be on the Advanced Reader Team, you’ll be able to read Remnant before it is officially released.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal!



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