Braylee Parkinson-An Introduction


Who is Braylee Parkinson?? Here is a brief introduction!

Major points below, but if you want the narrative, listen to the audio above.

Hi there! This is Braylee Parkinson, author of Who She Was and Displacement.

My pen name is Braylee Parkinson.

My birth name is Melanie Watson, and I became Melanie Parkinson in 2017 when I got married.

Between December 2018 and July 2019-worked to complete Who She Was. Started the novel in 2009, so YAY!!! I finally finished it!

Worked at Red Lobster for eighteen years.

One-way train ticket to Salt Lake City in September 2010.

Warm and kind people welcomed me to Salt Lake City and I was able to start over from scratch.

Became an English Teacher-totally burnt out over time.

Met my “Prince Charming” in 2016, married in 2017.

Who She Was is my first novel and it was published in July 2019. Displacement, the second book in the series will be published in November 2019.

Stay tuned!!!

Braylee Parkinson

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