Displacement: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery-Stay Tuned!!


Displacement: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery book 2 is headed into the second round of editing! This book has taken me on such a wonderful journey that I am actually enjoying reading and re-reading the content over and over again. This book will take readers a bit into the past and explore the events that led up to Sylvia becoming a private detective. It will also reveal information surrounding Derek’s death.

As I mentioned before, The Remnant was going to be the next book in the series, but I’ve decided to release Displacement first, and follow with The Remnant in late November, or early December. The Remnant will be Sylvia’s first out of state adventure. Stay tuned!

The preorder for Displacement is up and available on various ebook platforms. The cover has drawn a lot of attention on social media, and newsletter subscribers said they enjoyed the prologue. The book will not be released until November 18, 2019. Want to read the prologue now? Sign up for the newsletter and you will get a sneak peek!


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