Displacement: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery-Coming Soon!

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As you can tell from the picture, I am ready for summer to be over. I love the chilly, crisp gray days that arrive in October and I hope that the image will bring those days closer. The rustle of fallen leaves blowing across the driveway, apple cider and donuts, bulky sweaters, cold rain showers-I can’t wait for autumn to get here!

When I am not trying to wish autumn arrival upon the world, I am writing. Most days I get in at least six hours of writing-related activity, and I love it! I’ve got a few Halloween and Christmas stories started, and the third novel is halfway done. When I am not writing, I am editing Displacement. The manuscript needs to be on its way to the editor next month, so I have to stop getting caught up in my holiday stories and get the darn thing edited. Not to mention, I also have to work. It’s part-time, and I do it from home, but that’s 25 hours out of my writing life each week. Even so, the next novel will be released in November (October for newsletter subscribers!). Yay!!

I recently finished Displacement, the second installment in the Sylvia Wilcox mystery series. The next phase is a content edit. After that, I will do a hand edit, and the final round of edits will be done by my editor. The story took some twists and turns I hadn’t expected, but I love where the characters took me.

Displacement is the second installment/prequel, and it will give more information about the questions readers posed to me after reading Who She Was. Some of those questions were ones I hadn’t considered, so I had to turn to my characters to get answers. Writers need to be ready to give up control and let the story take them where it may. I like to be in control of things, but Sylvia Wilcox was reaching for the reigns. I let her have them, and boy did she surprise me! I’m so glad I trusted her to bring this story home.

The cover reveal will take place in September. If you have subscribed to the newsletter, the code to access the prologue of Displacement is in your inbox! If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter…What are you waiting for?! Sign up and get the code to access the prologue of Displacement: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery (book 2). Also, if you haven’t read Who She Was, you can pick it up from your favorite bookseller for free. That’s right-FREE. Here’s the link: Who She Was.

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