The Success Principles by Jack Canfield-A Must Read For Indie Authors!

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield-A Must Read For Indie Authors!

Well, I think everyone should read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, but as indie authors, we need to pay close attention to this book. There will be times when writing and publishing books will seem impossible, but we all know that isn’t true. What is true is that we allow others and the world to tell use that we can’t live our dreams. That’s not true, but you’re going to need to convince yourself that you are the master of your own life. That is what I have been working on for the past month and it’s working! The Success Principles has increased my confidence as an author and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am an author and this is my new career!

My writing routine involves starting with a mantra, “I am a successful, full-time author.” Before I sit down to write, I visualize myself at a crowded book signing, talking with readers about my current best-selling novel. By the time I open my eyes, I am ready to write. Over the past month, I have been trying to incorporate more practices into my life that will help build the positive momentum of my writing career.

When I decided that this indie author thing was happening-no matter what-I knew there would be a great deal to learn. The business of writing, marketing strategies, and ways to keep one’s spirits high during the emotional rollercoaster ride that indie authors experience, were all things I needed to study. Most writers come to the craft with talent and dreams, but the rest of the elements are also important. Indie authors need reassurance, confidence, and motivation to get their books out into the world. There is an audience out there for your writing, but it might take you a while to find them. In the meantime, your writing career might feel stagnant. I was aware of this and wanted to head off the feelings of self-doubt before they set in. So I decided to only listen to positive messages while I was navigating this new journey. Positive writing podcasts and audiobooks with uplifting messages became my constant audio companions.

Last week I purchased the audiobook version of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Generally, I listen to nonfiction books and read fiction novels. Currently, I work 25 hours a week as a teaching assistant for an online college, and I listen to audiobooks while I work. The plan was to listen to The Success Principles over several weeks since it is 21 hours long, but I ended up finishing it in a few days.

You may be familiar with Jack Canfield from the documentary movie, The Secret, or the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I have always loved his positive messages, but listening to The Success Principles has really got me fired up! The book contains stories of people who overcome and conquer the odds over and over again. When you’re an indie author, you need to hear stories about people overcoming vast odds and living their dreams. The good news doesn’t last nearly as long as bad news in the world. For example, no matter how many feel-good books I read or documentaries I watch, I continue to hear extraordinary stories of people who beat the odds and shock critics. Over time, those stories fade because of the bombardment of negative stories. We do, however, have control over how much good and bad news we let into our lives.

I am a fan of cold case podcasts, but I haven’t listened to any of my favorite shows in about a month. While I love the mysteries the podcasts examine, there is no way I can continue to feed my mind all those disturbing stories if I plan to live an abundant and happy life. There was a Youtuber who made fantastic videos on cold cases and missing persons. I loved her work, but she eventually had to stop because she was struggling with some mental health issues. It was sad to see such a talented person stop making content, but in my heart, I was happy for her. I hope that by removing herself from the constant barrage of negative information; she will be able to return to happiness. Don’t bury yourself in the negative. Build yourself up with the positive.

A Few Great Tips From The Success Principles

The Success Principles is a long book full of information, so the following ideas are just a few tips from the principles Jack Canfield discusses. There are too many to list here, but if you want to get an overview of the 66 principles included in the book they are listed on the Free Resources page.

Take Responsibility For Your Life

For many years I walked around saying, “I really want to be a writer,” but I was not writing. Or, if I was writing, I was not brave enough to put my work out into the world. I did query agents at one point, but I only submitted to a few. I finally took responsibility and decided that I had to write and publish my work. Once I realized that the only thing standing between success as a writer and my existence as an unhappy school teacher, was me, things immediately changed. All I had to do was decide that I was going to be a writer, put forth the effort, and never look back. There were plenty of people who laughed off my ambitions and gave me strange looks when I told them my plans. Well, eight months after quitting my job, I have one book published, and two additional books that will be out before the end of the year. All that happened because I decided to change my life. I had created my life and all I had to do to change it, was to take responsibility and act.

The following are a few ideas from The Success Principles that I am implementing in my life. As I mentioned, the book is teeming with fantastic information, so please check out the website and get the book once you’re done reading this post.

Mastermind Groups

I LOVE this idea! A mastermind group is a gathering-in person or virtual-of professional who brainstorm together, network, and problem-solve (among other things). The people don’t have to have an industry in common or anything like that; in fact, getting different ideas in the mix is the idea. So, six to eight people meet on a regular basis, and they bounce ideas off one another. Imagine having five to seven other people to talk with about increasing success and abundance in your life? How many new ideas could you gleam from professionals in other fields? How many new ideas would be introduced into the group? Consider how powerful it could be to have a group that meets with the sole purpose of uplifting one another?

Master Technology

You must master technology. Being familiar with the tools on websites, audio-video equipment, and the platforms you publish on, is essential. For some, this will be a breeze, but other indie authors may struggle with book formatting, website creation, and other tools writers must use. I personally have had this problem with some of the ebook publishing platforms, but I continue to watch videos and read articles on how to use them.

Writing Down Specific Goals

As a former teacher, this is one of those rules I know is true, but have neglected in the past. Writing down specific goals, reading them over, and holding them in your mind is 80% of the work. For example, Thursday night, I was reviewing a few sections of The Success Principles. I got to the part where Jack Canfield talks about writing down specific, clear goals, and I took out a stack of index cards. One of the goals I wrote down was that I want to have an average of 200 visitors daily on my website by December 31, 2019. Prior to yesterday, I’d never had more than 20 visitors in one day, and most days one or two people would stop by. Even so, this is a goal I know I can attain, so I wrote it down, read, and held it in my mind. The next morning I work up, read the card again, and checked my blog stats. Yesterday morning 13 people had visited by the time I woke up. This was encouraging because the blog post I’d written the day before was short and low on keywords. Since people were already visiting the blog, I decided to create a new post and put it up. The post I created was useful and full of information that others could use for their own author journeys. Friday was my best day ever for visits to my blog. Fifty-seven people stopped by, and the momentum has spilled over into today.

The Success Principles is a fantastic book that every person needs on their bookshelf, but if you aren’t ready to buy the book yet, you can look at the free resources on the website. The wonderful think about Jack Canfield is that he is so giving and eager to share his message. In addition to The Success Principles book, there are print-off and articles to help you create a life that is full of success. For example, I just printed off the 12 Month Planning Guide and the Victory Log. Other resources that are suggested in the book are listed until the Book Resources tab at

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